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Human Theory provides marketing and consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. We understand the challenges new businesses can often encounter in developing a viable and cost-effective marketing strategy when they're in growth mode. We've been there, after all. 

The Human Theory team collaborates closely with your organization to fully understand your industry, audience, and business goals in order to architect a human-centered marketing approach.

We believe in putting people first, because behind every company and business strategy is...humans. And if you don't know how to effectively understand and reach the right humans, you probably won't get the results you want.  We thrive on the challenges of creating new and innovative ideas tailored to your business and goals.

Goodbye, generic marketing.  

Hello, Human Theory.

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Human Theory was created in Austin, Texas - the Live Music Capital of the world, and a burgeoning hot spot of technology, culture, and innovation.

We thought of the idea for Human Theory was inspired by the nature of this city itself. Austin is home to a multitude of diverse people from hundreds of countries, languages, and cultures. Each individual has their own background, interests, goals, and aspirations.

So then, how do you reach them?

Human Theory is built on the simple concept that in order to market to people, you have to understand people. Once realized, you can truly build an effective marketing strategy that will benefit your organization.

Human Theory is based in Austin, TX


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Aaron Lujan

Founder, Director

of Strategy

Angelica Molina - Human Theory

Angelica Brent

Marketing Operations,


Daniel Bitolas - Human Theory Marketing

Aaron Lujan

Market Research,


Congress Avenue Bridge bats in Austin du

We fervently advocate, innovate without inhibitions, and reliably deliver results.

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