Our mission is simple

To provide holistic, world-class marketing services and mentorship designed by humans, for humans. 

Human Theory was founded under the premise that marketing is becoming too impersonal, and the industry can often forget that behind the companies being marketed to, there are actual humans, not just assets. Individuals with their own unique backgrounds, interests, goals, and aspirations. Individuals who can influence whether or not their company purchases your product or services. Individuals who can influence whether you get paid.

So then, if you don't know humans, then how can you market to them?

Human Theory hopes to bridge the gap between marketer and consumer, and approach the marketing process for our clients with a more holistic approach. An approach that not only gets the job done, but gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and with results.

Human-Centered Thinking

It's easy to forget that in marketing, you're marketing to the people behind the company you're trying to reach.


If you can understand the people and tailor your thinking accordingly, converting those leads becomes that much easier. 

Think Human.

Release of Assumptions

You know what they say about assumptions. 

In everything we do, we strive to remove those assumptions and biases so that we can approach each task and campaign with a clean slate for maximum creativity.

Release Assumptions. Release your creativity.

Purposeful Ideation

Ideation is meaningless without a purpose. 

We prefer to focus on quality over quantity, instilling a sense of purpose and direction in everything we that we do. 

Now that doesn't mean that we always know what direction we're taking, but we know where we eventually want to go.

Ideate. Create. Refine. Repeat.



Perpetual Prototyping

We don't believe in "complete".


Whatever we do, we can always do

better - more effectively, more

creatively, more innovation - more. 

We treat everything like it's another prototype, because we know that you have endless potential.

Never stop prototyping.

Human Theory Values

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