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Who needs digital marketing? You!

Maybe you're not entirely convinced on why your business needs digital marketing. In that case, we're about to drop a truth bomb on you.

We live in a digital world, and if you don't have a digital strategy, you're going to miss out on potentially valuable leads, a.k.a. business, a.k.a. $$$.

Now, we've decided to share a video with you today that summarizes the benefits of having a viable, well thought-out digital strategy, as well as the most common mistakes that businesses make when trying to implement their strategy. We think this video is great because:

1) It's short and sweet - so no need to block out an hour of your valuable time to watch.


2) It's animated, so it keeps your attention.

Reading that last point, you may be thinking, "okay, these people are obviously children that need pictures to be entertained."

While yes, you are correct that we do love our colorful pictures - we actually brought this point up because by including vivid colors and animation, the video demonstrates a very important concept in marketing - keeping your audience entertained and engaged.

Be honest. Once you have watched the video, ask yourself - how much would you have actually watched had the content not been engaging? Instead of entertaining animations, you see a solid screen with words that are being read off by the narrator.

The answer: Not very.

By bringing in multiple media elements into their content format, the Business Consort was able to draw you (the audience) in, and provide a useful format for a teachable moment.

View video to see why, and learn some tips to help improve your digital strategy.

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