Building a startup from the ground up is already hard enough.

Great idea - check.

Great product - check.

Steller team - check.

Awesome office - check.

Marketing plan - oops.

We get it. One can definitely get caught up in the excitement and challenges involved in building and running a startup. But one of the biggest tasks that a lot of startups forget about is the ever-important marketing plan. Without a proper marketing strategy, you could be putting your company in danger of not getting the traction that it needs to grow at the speed you want it. 

Human Theory has expertise working with startups of various industries to ensure that their marketing plan is solid and ready for execution. 

Are you ready to begin marketing your startup?

Whether you're about to embark on your startup journey or that ship has already sailed, our Startup Marketing services can surely benefit your new baby. 

If you're interested in getting help building out your marketing plan, contact us through the form and let us know that you'd like to learn more!

Included Services

Brand Discovery
Audience Segmentation
Startup Analysis
Persona Generation
Marketing Blueprint
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